Yusevian /yusεvian/
1. not a language per se, not jargon either, but a linguistic phenomenon whose roots can be traced to IB Chats and life on Worth Street aka Avenue of the Strongest
2. a blog which will introduce Yusevian to the world, and the world to its readers

So without further ado…

This blog will ideally and theoretically be an entertaining and informative narrative of the adventures of Yus and Nat through South America, Africa, infinity, and beyond. We both want to be able to keep in touch with friends and family through this blog, keep stalkers abreast of our progress around the world, and potentially be useful as an informational source for other travelers. But first a little bit about the authors:
Yus grew up in the mean streets of Brooklyn, but decided to forgo the lucrative career of a rapper or basketball player to pursue a desk job. He has recently quit said desk job to pursue an even more lucrative option of being a backpacker.

Hobbies: DJ’ing, long walks on the beach, and fireside chats with Jay-Z. Oh and he is a pilot. Nuff said.
Catchphrase: Thank you for Brooklyn.

Nat also grew up in mean streets, but of Belarus and thus is commonly known to her friends as [Chernobyl] Demon Baby. Unlike other Eastern European ladies, she is shipping herself out of the States and around the world.

Hobbies: Running and doing the running man (two distinct, yet formidable talents), cooking, and breathing fresh air.
Catchphrase: Ask me anything!

Oh, and we both love Oasis’s “Wonderwall” and are fully vaccinated against Bieber Fever.


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