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Unfortunately my time in Bali had to end and I had to get back to the real world….well the real traveling world. It was time for me to embark on my next country; Thailand.

Thailand is a country known for its elaborate temples, its beautiful mountain ranges, its immaculate beaches in the south, a crazy capital city and of course it’s amazing food (Mmmm Pad Thai).

I flew into Thailand’s most famous city and its capital, Bangkok, and boy was my breath taken away. Bangkok is known to be an erratic, crazy and hot and I can tell you, all of the above is true. Averaging 95 degrees during the days that visited, I’m not sure if it’s the heat that drives the insanity of this city, but it seems like this city has no rules.

Cars, motorbikes and tuk tuk’s honk and careen around each other zooming to get to their location as quickly as possible, regardless of if there are pedestrians on the road or not. There seem to be millions of people (both tourists and Thai locals) walking the streets and there is mayhem at every corner. To be fair given how hot it was I spent most of my time inside during the day trying to avoid the scorching sun. When I did venture out, it was to one of the many temples across Bangkok.

Thailand (154)

With hundreds of Buddhist temples located all across Bangkok, I decided to visit only a handful of them. Some of these temples get thousands of visitors a day so if you’re going to visit them make sure you head off early to do your exploration. I would recommend doing maybe two a day since some of these places of worship are quite large and take a bit of time to truly explore. Also, while not all of the temples are open to visitors early in the morning, there are few that you can visit where you may be fortunate enough to see some monks performing some of their daily morning rituals.

Thailand (159)

I visited Wat Arun (probably the second most visited temple in Bangkok), Wat Phra Kaew (located at the Grand Palace grounds), Wat Benchamabophitr (“The Marble Temple”), Wat Pho (the temple with the reclining Buddha) and Wat Traimit.

Side note on Bangkok nightlife: It’s intense…. If you’ve seen the Hangover 2, you’ll understand why all of these temples are needed!!!

Now onto the pics of temples

Thailand (120)

Thailand (123)



Thailand (114)

Thailand (116)

Thailand (97)


Thailand (161)


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