Eating, Praying annddd Loving in Bali?

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After a few days of hanging out on the beach, I decided to head up to Ubud for some Zen and relaxation. Ubud, which is often referred to as Bali’s spiritual capital, has become increasingly popular with tourists over the years. Ubud boasts beautiful tiered rice fields, tons of ancient temples, places to do yoga, arts and crafts and of course really great food.

Bali 067

The most central parts of Ubud are very touristy and have lots of cafe’s and restaurants that cater to tourists, but a 5 minute bike ride will whisk you away from it all into blissful paradise. Heath (a friend that traveled with in Malaysia) happened to be in Ubud so we grabbed bikes and hit the town. Bikes are especially useful around Ubud as some sites and temples are a bit far away so we decided to peddle around and make our way through the different parts of the region to get a glimpse of some of the rice fields that keep travelers flowing to Ubud.

Ubud2While on the road we ran into these ducks just hanging out, this cool looking little biker :) and I also learned to fly a kite by some Balinese kids. Even though they didn’t speak any English they directed me on what to do and what not to do. Well my kite flying experience only lasted about a minute and a half before they quickly grabbed the kite back because of my errors, ha.

Ubud Ducks

Ubud Kid

Ubud Kite

As I mentioned earlier, Ubud has become a popular location, especially for those seeking spiritual enlightenment.  Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Eat, Pray, Love which inspired the very popular 2010 film starring Julia Roberts, has influenced many people to travel to Ubud hoping to “find themselves” or their soul mate, as she did in this small town. While I’ve heard of the book, I’d never read it and due to my ignorance, was unaware of popularity that this book/film brought to the town. Littered around town are businesses that offer spiritual retreats and places where you can visit “spiritual healers.” There are tons of spas and “centers for relaxation,” but to top it off  you can find a yoga studio on just about every other street.

Anyway, I wanted a few days of relaxation and exercise (my own Zen), so I decided to try out a yoga class. Well lets just say, even though semi-outdoor classes offer you a view the calming mountains and rice paddies, a relaxing breath of unpolluted Balinese air and the rhythmic chanting of “ohm’s” and “namastae’s,” I did not find any zen in the first class that I took. I am not one to give up easily and I had high hopes of restoring my “chi” after Uluwatu, so I decided to take another class and this one was a gem. I took a power yoga class at The Yoga Barn and it was the perfect balance between exercise and relaxation and enjoyed it so much that I took another two classes at this location while in Ubud.

After re-aligning my zen, or whatever you call it, I decided it was time to eat. As you guys know I have a love of food and I enjoy taking cooking classes, like Nat and I did in Arequipa. Well, Balinese food is pretty amazing so I decided to take a cooking class here as well.  Although it’s very easy to go on TripAdvisor and find a cooking class, we decided to ask a restaurant that we liked if they offered a class and they did!!! I’m not going to bore you with the full extent of the 6hr cooking class , I’ll just let your mouths water at the pictures.  The name of the restaurant is Warung Semesta and if you truly do want to know how to cook the dishes on the menu below, I charge a small fee to come to your house and make it!!! No no, I have a recipe book and would be willing to send you a pdf of the menu over email.

Bali cooking

Bali Cooking 2

Bali 148

Kim_Asia 2238

Given that I’ve “found my zen,” and have eaten just about as much as I could, it was now time for the Love part.

You’ll just have to tune in to find out if I found love in Bali…..


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