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Bali 011

There are two main reasons why I wanted to visit South East Asia. First, I wanted to learn how and why the cultures of the 11 countries of this region are so similar, but very very different (yes, same same…but different). Secondly, I really really wanted to learn how to dive!!!

I’ve always loved going to Aquariums and tend to visit them in the cities that I travel to. I’d never given diving much thought until I visited the Parque Explora Aquarium in Medellin, Colombia and was amazed by a display when Nat says “Yus, you know this is the way it looks underwater right?….why don’t you just dive.” Well at that moment a light bulb flashed in my head and I started looking into diving. South East Asia is particularly inexpensive compared to other diving regions and boasts some of the best sites around the world. So after some deliberation between the Philippines and Indonesia, I choose Bali in Indonesia because let’s be real…its Bali!!!

Bali is well-known around the world for its beautiful beaches, its grand temples and terrace rice fields, its amazing food and of course its natural landscapes.


My first stop in this paradise was Sanur, a location in the eastern part of the island. Sanur is a very quiet part of Bali, unlike your Kuta’s and Semanyiks. If you’re looking to party this is not your part of town, but if you’re looking for a quiet relaxing few days, then definitely check this side out. Sanur is one of the oldest developed parts of Bali which is why many of the trusted dive shops are located on this side. Given that Bali has some amazing dive locations there are many shops located in Sanur and it can be a bit of a hassle choosing the right dive shop for you. For the sake of ease, Atlantis Dive Center and Jo’s Gone Diving seems to be the most popular dive shops in that area, from travelers that I’ve spoken with. I’m also not going to bore you guys with the details of what it takes to become a diver, but for my last two training dives I explored the USS Liberty ship wreck off the east coast of Bali near Tulamben, and it was AWESOME.

For those of you who’ve never been diving, the only way to truly explain it is imagine being in a 360 degree aquarium. When you’re gawking at the brightly colored school of fish directly in front of you, someone taps your tank to notify you of the blue spotted stingray that’s right underneath you!!! I’ve seen countless species of fish, tons of crustaceans, a shark and the most laid back sea turtle hanging out in a barrel sponge (yes he seemed as cool as the sea turtles in Finding Nemo). Unfortunately since I don’t own an underwater camera, and it’s not really advised to take pictures while learning to dive, I don’t have pictures of the cool dive sites but I do have some of me looking like Scuba Steve!!!

Bali_updated 015

Bali diving 2


Bali Divin 4

Bali Diving 5

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