4 Days in Bali turns into weeks

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4 Days in Bali turns to weeks.As I mentioned in the last post I initially came to Bali, Indonesia to learn to dive. My plan was to spend 4 days in this region diving and then move on to some of the great sites of southern Thailand. Well that plan failed miserably.

The beautiful beaches of Bali are one of the main reasons that people tend to visit this island and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. While Bali is a favorite to those looking for the perfect beach wedding and newlyweds looking for a romantic getaway it has also become very popular with the young and single crowd. Bali’s beaches are a place to party!!! The west side of the island boasts some of Bali’s best beaches which is why the areas of Kuta and Semanyik are popular stops for young travelers. If you’re into all night pub crawls with 19 year old Australians then Kuta is the place for you. If you’re young and looking for a more relaxed quiet time then head to the Semanyik neighborhood, which is quieter but still boasts many restaurants and has a very nice sprawling beach (see pic below). Also, while Bali can be a party zone, over 85% of Indonesia’s population of 238 million are Muslim. You can be reminded of this in areas where alcohol is not served and sometimes at the beach where you’ll see Muslim teenagers hanging out after school.


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While both of these spots can be great I decided on something different. After spending 4 days underwater in and around Sanur, I decided to meet up with some friends in Uluwatu which is located in the southwestern part of the island. Not only does Uluwatu have a beautiful temple that hangs on the edge of a cliff it has some of the best private and public beaches Bali has to offer.


Unfortunately this is where things took a turn.

What I thought was going to be a relaxing few days, ended up being a very fun few days on the beach. Uluwatu is famous for its beaches not only because they’re beautiful, but also because they offer some of the best surfing and we happened to be there during a “new moon.” No this doesn’t mean that the surfers turn into Vampires, Twilight style; it means that the tidal waves are at some of their strongest, which usually means lots of surfers and thus partying. Well check out some pics of beach hanging and the bonfire after.

Bali 033

Bali 038

Bali 032

Bali 039

Bali 037


Bali 043


  1. Graet title! It should be a warning for those traveling to Bali for their first time. You can think you are just going to spend a couple of days there but before you know it you are there for weeks, months or even years. Many become return visitors while others even create their own companies there! Hahaha it’s difficult to forget Bali once you are home!

  2. Yus — Miss you in NYC! (but after seeing the Bali pics, I understand why the trip continues). –cb

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