Limin’ in Langkawi

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Instead of rushing to make it to the Perhentian Islands which are supposed to be beautiful, we figured we’d save some time and grab the two hour ferry up to Langkawi. When you’re spending two to three days in one place it begins to get a bit tiring and we both needed a day of limin’ (Caribbean way of saying chilling or hanging out) and Langkawi provided just that.

Pualu Langkawi, often referred to as just Langkawi, is a part of an archipelago of 99 islands off the coast of northwestern Malaysia. This very popular spot is mainly known for its laid back vibe and its beautiful beaches. Since we were primarily to hangout and explore, on our first day checked out a few of the beaches in the area we were in, Pantai Cenang and Pantai Tengah in particular and then sipped drinks at the local reggae bar on the beach.


The next few days we rented motor bikes and explored the island. We first visited Telaga Tujuh Waterfalls, also known as Seven Wells, which is named for the 7 natural pools along the falls. We hiked up the path to see all of them, but somehow missed them even though we made it to the top. I wouldn’t recommend doing the hike all the way up because at the top it’s not clear enough to see anything since its all obstructed by trees. If you do decide to go to Seven Wells, just stick to the waterfalls which you’ll see on your left after the 300+ step climb :) Also there’s a cool natural water slide along the way.

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After leaving the Seven Wells make sure you visit Tanjung Rhu beach. Both the Tanjung Rhu resort and the Four Seasons are located on this beach, and once you get there you’ll see exactly why. Surrounded by natural rock formations and pristine white sand as far as your eyes can see, this beach was one of the most spectacular ones I’ve seen yet. To top it off, in the low tide at some parts, you can walk out as far as 50 or so meters (maybe even further, but I forgot my tape measure) before the water begins to hit your calves. Unfortunately most of these areas of the beach are “owned” by the Four Seasons and they actually do have a staff member that chases you off “their” beach. Anywho, ladies if you’re planning on a wedding not only on the beach, but basically in the water this would be your spot….boom you’ve just been incepted (sorry guys).

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Surprisingly I’ve been told the beaches of Malaysia aren’t as beautiful as others around South East Asia so given the high bar that Langkawi has set, I’m very interested to see what else is out there.

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For now goodbye Malaysia. Next stop… Bali

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