Cameron Highlands, the land O’ tea

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After leaving the concrete jungle of KL we made our way north to Cameron Highlands, Malaysia’s tea country. We decided to spend most of our time here hiking because being in the highlands the weather was much cooler than in KL and there are some really nice trails though tea plantations. If you have only a few days in Malaysia and want to really see the country, I would probably advise staying away from here and visiting other places. With that said, we did enjoy the few days we were there, but decided we couldn’t spend more than 4 days here.

Because of our limited time and the fact that we were very keen to hike (yes, thanks to being around a lot of internationals, I picked up the word keen) we decided to do the tourist track in the morning and then hike on our own in the afternoon.  The typical half day tour consists of visiting Mount Brinchang (whose peak is over 6,500ft – and you drive up so it takes a very short amount of time) and then you visit the Mossy Forest (its pretty much exactly what it sounds like, but it is cool to see 100yr old moss covered trees).

Mount Brinchang

Mossy Forrest

After that the tours tend to take you to the BOH tea plantations, which while very touristy, is very sweet seeing the tea plantations along the hills. You also visit the factory and stop in for a cup of tea and some crumpets. Generally the tours end with a visit to strawberry fields, or a bee hive (don’t get it), and though we were pretty insistent on skipping the strawberry fields our driver insisted, so we visited a really small one where we ate some pretty good strawberry jam.

Sing 124

BOH Tea Factory 2

Strawberry Farm

The next two days were spent traipsing around the hills and valleys of the highlands. There are some really cool treks that lead to overlooks and there are a bunch that lead to waterfalls. Be careful though as not all of the trails are very well marked, and I would avoid some if it does begin to rain a bit heavy. You’re literally in the middle of a forest at some points and there may not be anyone around for hours. Hiking with a buddy is recommended. Either way you do it I’d say it’s well worth the time because you get some really cool views. You can probably get a trail map from your hostel (we stayed at Daniel’s Lodge, and I would recommend it if you’re looking for something quiet – it’s nothing like our the Reggae Lounge) or from any tourist shop along the main road.

Trail Hiking

All in all if you’re into rolling hills and tea then you should definitely spend some time visiting, but again I don’t think you should spend any more than 3 or 4 days there.


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