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After Shengani dropped us off at the Ashanti Lodge in Greenpoint, we began the tedious, but important process of cleaning up, and putting ourselves together aesthetically. While Greenpoint is not quite the center of Cape Town, it was a great location for going on runs along the water and its proximity to the Victoria and Albert Waterfront was very useful. I know for the finicky readers, what I just said is equivalent to appreciating being close to Times Square in New York (which makes me shudder), but hey, I was a tourist and standards were low! Sadly Yus and I had only three days in Cape Town, so while we did see a few things, I need to revisit and spend at least another week in the area.

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Two important things happened that first night. One, dinner at Beluga at the Waterfront was fantastic. Sunday nights, the sushi, dim sum and cocktails are half price which makes the already really reasonable prices that much more reasonable (even the fancy restaurants will set you back less than $30 for dinner and drinks). And if you sit outside, the servers give you blankets to shield the piercing wind! Two, Greg finally bought and wore a blue shirt! I haven’t talked much about the people on the Acacia Truck, so I know this comment is meaningless to anyone who was not on tour. In short, the ratio of females to males on the truck was always heavily skewed towards females. So we obnoxiously took advantage of that and verbally barraged (abused?) the guys whenever we could. Our first victim was Harry, whose only faults were his the piercing azure eyes that perfectly matched a blue shirt he originally intended to only wear hiking, but all the girls thought otherwise. Once Greg joined the tour in Livingstone, the number of said piercing eyes doubled, as did the demand for wearing of blue shirts. The team sports that the boys were, they went shopping and graced us with their presence at our Last Supper in a lovely ensemble of matching blue shirts! This marks the first and only time in history of mankind girls got guys to go clothes shopping a)on their own accord b)with no real upside for the guys pre-negotiated or otherwise.

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As for the rest of the time in Cape Town, we hung out at the Waterfront a lot. A few of us went up to Table Mountain. We took the cable car up, which was pretty fun (it rotates!), but part of me still wishes we would have hiked it. But the weather was cold and windy and apparently the hike has many slippery rocks, so we decided to play it safe and instead hiked around the top of the “table”. I was going to hike Lion’s Head another morning (apparently a shorter, easier hike, and it has views of Table Mountain itself), but instead chose to sleep in.

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I had also wanted to see penguins ever since I started my trip in December. Yus and I didn’t go quite that far in Patagonia, so South Africa was my last hope. So on my last day, a few of us arranged a car to drive us to penguins, ostriches, and to see Cape Point, the Southwestern-most point in Africa! The drive wound past tiny towns, beaches, and preserves and made me realize even more that I will have to come back.

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I guess I can’t mention Cape Town without a shoutout to Long Street (where the nightlife happens). Yup, we checked it out and managed to spend an entire evening in one establishment–but it had everything we wanted from food to booze to hookah and even live music!

Singapore is next, and a Road Trip Reunion with jdubs and jjo promises to be awesomesauce!

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