South Africa: Orange River and Cederberg

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Only two sleeps separated us from the end of the tour in Cape Town and the mood became bittersweet. We’d gotten so used to putting up and taking down tents, our chores, and naps in the truck that the idea of not having all that became foreign. Before we would have to say our goodbyes, we still had one night at Orange River and one in Cederberg.

Our first night in South Africa was on the bank of Orange River. We had the afternoon to relax, so some of us went swimming in the river, some kayaked, and others chilled in the shade–it was a scorching day. Most of the campsites after Livingstone had pools, so we got used to having a place to cool off and the river was an apropos substitute.

The next morning we headed to Cederberg, to Highlanders Campsite, which also happens to be a vineyard. Holllyyyy this was a highlight of the tour, maybe my favorite campsite, and definitely the best way to end the trip. Sparky, the proprietor, bought the land 9 years ago and lives there with his wife and their beautiful boys. He welcomes overlanders, does group dinners, and helps with arranging Cape Town excursions. Most importantly, he grows the grapes which are then made into the wine that we got the chance to taste in the afternoon.

We tasted 7 wines after which Sparky grilled up a local fish (snook?) for dinner and we spent the rest of the evening enjoying more vino and gazing at the stars.

In the morning, I packed up my trusty #93 for the last time, and we toasted our last bacon and egg brekky with mimosas. Classy all the way!

Off to Cape Town we go. It will definitely need its own post or two.

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