Namibia: Deserts and Dunes

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20130417-221151.jpgThe second half of our Namibian adventures consisted of adrenaline rush activities in Swakopmund, desert scenery, and sunset viewings.

We spent two nights in the ocean-side town of Swakopmund but I could have done 1-2 more. This definitely had to do with the beds we got to sleep in. Yes, it was in an 18person dorm, but they were beds! Suffice it to say we wanted a break from tents and camping. I can vouch for Amanpuri Lodge‘s mattress quality, but it is a bit of a walk from everything. Aside from the added luxury of beds, Swakopmund was a nice town to walk around, chill at cafes, eat great seafood (try the restaurant on the water called Jetty 1905!). Swakopmund is very reminiscent of Northern California with its fog and unpredictable weather.
There are many activities you can do in Swakopmund from sandboarding to quad biking to boat trips and skydiving. I decided to forego most of them and chill out (plus Yus and I had already boarded in the moonlight in San Pedro de Atacama). The only activity I did was quad biking on the dunes in the Namib Desert, where revving up to climb the dunes was definitely was a rush.

The next day we headed south deeper into the Namib Desert to the Sossusvlei Region, where we hiked up Dune 45 (named so for being 45km from the Sesriem Gate) for a beautiful sunset. I also promised our previous guide Emily that I would dress up for the dune, so here I am in my Genie best.

Our last night in Namibia was at Fish River Canyon, which is apparently the oldest in the world. We had dinner right by the canyon rim and watched the sunset there as well. Off to South Africa next!


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