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Botswana, one of Africa’s fastest growing economies, has a lot to offer including Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta and since our time in Africa is winding down, we’re looking to get the most out of it.

Chobe National Park is the third largest national park in Botswana and it covers a vast area of over 4,000 sq miles. It is very famous for its large concentration of animals, especially elephants, and for its beautiful Riverfront. On our first day at the national park we did a game cruise along the Chobe riverfront, which was a refreshing change from our normal game drives. We saw alligators, heaps of hippos, a ton of different species of birds and many elephants. Given that we’d seen many of these animals along most of our trip I didn’t think I would be as amazed as I was to see this many, but I was pretty blown away. Baby elephants are freaking cute.


After spending two days exploring Chobe National Park we set out to visit the Okavango Delta. The Okavango Delta, also known as the Delta, is a large expanse of land mostly covered in water from Angola’s highlands. Due to the large amounts of water in the area it is possible to find many species of animals. We took a mokoro, a specialized canoe that is used in the delta, to an area where we camped for two days.



We did a few bush walks, where we looked for game animals on foot using “traditional” means of animal seeking (primarily through finding animal droppings and tracking them through smell). While I was a skeptic, there was one point during a walk my guide mentioned that he smelled zebras and 5 minutes later we were in the presence of zebras and wildebeests, so I guess traditional means still do work.


On our last day in Botswana a few of us took a plane ride over the Delta to get a true idea of just how large it is. It was very impressive seeing the size of the Delta and viewing all of the herds of animals from the sky.


Now we’re heading to Namibia!!!


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