Livingstone, Zambia

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Livingstone, the gateway to Victoria Falls and adrenaline rushes, is an interesting mix between being super touristy and yet failing at basic tourist needs like decent Internet and cappuccinos (the quest for a good cappuccino is an ongoing one for me; Lusaka had a good one and great wifi at Cake Shop).

Besides going to the falls themselves and the adrenaline activities off the bridge (bungy, swing, zip line– all over $100 or can be bought as a discounted combo), you can do a variety of nature and animal walks, flights, cultural walks etc. Everything is expensive, but that comes with being in Livingstone.

We stayed at the Waterfront, a huge campsite and lodge a few kilometers from town. Sitting by the riverside, you can actually see the spray from Victoria Falls! As a group we did a Sunset Cruise on the Zambezi River to say goodbye to half the group that was leaving in Livingstone. The cruise left from the Waterfront, was relaxing and beautiful and included drinks and dinner for about $70.

One morning, some of us did a Lion Walk, which was literally a walk with two “baby” lionesses who were 10months old. The organization through which we went takes care of the lions and ensures they retain their wild instincts and then releases them into nature preserves. Then the cubs of these released generations, who are completely wild, get released into the huge nationals parks and have no human contact. The walk was awesome–as cute as the lionesses are, their teeth and claws are no joke. And apparently if they lick your skin for a couple of minutes, they will lick the skin off you–their tongues help them break down the prey’s tough hides.

I skipped most of the adrenaline activities because I’ve bungied before and wanted to save money. But a few of us did do a microlight flight over the falls. It is basically like hang gliding with a motor. But instead of wearing a harness you have a seatbelt and a helmet. Still unsure what the point of the helmet is, but we all wore them obediently.

What I wanted to do but couldn’t is go swim in Devil’s Pool on Livingstone Island. It is at the edge of the falls, in the middle of the river and in low water season, you can literally swim and look over the edge into the gorge and no one will be able to tell if you pee your pants!

Next up–Botswana!

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