Maasai Mara

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20130308-211535.jpgThe Maasai Mara is a huge national park, reachable by questionable African roads or tiny planes, if you have the budget. Accommodations are also similarly varied and range from luxury lodges to budget campsites. Our campsite was actually quite nice, each tent had real beds and en suite bathrooms with warm running water! It was a great way to ease into camping life.

The Maasai people still live on the edges of the park, but most of it is for the animals. It borders Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains, and the border is not fenced or manned to let the animals roam freely. The famous wildebeest migration happens annually between the two parks, and I was lucky to have seen it on my last trip to Kenya. This time, I would see the wildebeests in the Serengeti only.

Outside of game drives, you can also do a sunrise hot air balloon ride which is followed by a fancy champagne breakfast. This sets you back a meager $450, so I decided to wait until I’m filthy rich to do that and stuck to the game drives. I also skipped the Maasai Village walk, which others reported to be some dancing and selling of crafts.

Basically this post is just a photo summary of the animals we saw. We also learned some fun facts about the animals. Impalas, for instance, hang out in herds 100 females to 1 male. And the males fight amongst themselves for the females. What one male does with 100+ females is beyond me. Dikdiks, one of our favorite animals, are loyal to one partner their whole lives and if the partner dies, the other quickly follows suit out of heartbreak. (tear…)


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