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parati 008After a long, but very fun week in Rio for Carnaval, I decided that I needed a bit of downtime so I decided to head to Parati (sometimes referred to as Paraty). Parati is a historic town four hours south of Rio that was originally used as a port for exporting mined gold back to Portugal after the Portuguese settled there in 1667. The cobblestone streets, old buildings and historic churches of old town will make you feel like you’re back in the 17th century.


After a bit of a hostel snafu (I wouldn’t recommend staying at Paraty Beach Hostel), I checked into El Misti hostel which sits right across from the beach. I spent the rest of the day exploring Parati (mainly old town) and reading on the beach. If it weren’t for the extreme heat, over 95 degrees, I would have gotten a bike and cycled to some of the nearby forests and waterfalls that are only a few miles away from the city center.

parati 040

The next day I did a 5hr boat cruise (USD $20) which sailed to two different islands and stopped in areas where you could snorkel. We did not go to Trinidade beach, which is apparently the most beautiful beach in the vicinity of Parati, but the other beaches were quite stunning.

parati 047

parati 045


parati 035

After two fairly relaxing days in Parati, I caught the first bus heading towards Sao Paulo where I’ll be for two days before heading over to Africa to start our Safari. Just a note, if you are traveling from Parati during the summer, only one bus company does direct trips to Sao Paulo and the buses fill up rather quickly (I learned this the hard way). Your other option is taking a bus to Tubate and then get a connecting bus to Sao Paulo.

Nairobi here we come…

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