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Sucre, the town where Bolivia’s independence was proclaimed, is still in the constitution as the capital of the country, but La Paz is actually the seat of government and treasury now. It is everything La Paz isn’t–beautiful, well planned, located at a tolerable altitude, quiet, and safe.

Having said that, there isn’t much to do in Sucre except eat well, stroll the beautiful streets, maybe take some Spanish lessons, so we only stopped there for a day. With $5 hostels and FANCY food for $10-20, the day was totally worth it. I recommend La Taverne; the steaks are excellent especially the one with Whiskey sauce and it has a wine list featuring Bolivian wines from Tarija.

A 20minute cab ride (and who knows how long of a bus ride) away, is Parque Cretacico, which is basically a dinosaur museum. It is totally worth a visit if you have time. The museum, as any in Bolivia isn’t much to write home about (albeit quite modern looking), but you can see the dinosaur tracks on the limestone layers of the excavated quarry. There are literally tracks that are imprinted in several layers, each millennia older than the next. The trick, of course, is analyzing the layers without ruining the site and doing it at a 70 degree angle, since the tectonic plate movement has raised and angled the formerly flat ground.

Off to Potosi next to explore the old glory of Bolivia and, in turn, Spain–the silver mines which let the old Empire prosper for centuries!


  1. I was taught La Paz was your capital. Oh Well. Nice Pictures by the Way!

    • Thanks! Yeah La Paz pretty much is but apparently Sucre is “technically”


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