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After a 4hour bus ride to Santa Marta on MarSol (more expensive than a regular bus–42k pp versus maybe 20k?, but saves the time and money of going to the bus station which is a bit farther off from Cartagena and no cab driver wants to go to), we explored the seaside town but there was not much to see. (People say Taganga is more lively for backpackers and it is also closer to Tayrona). So early next morning we took a bus to Tayrona (5k), a collectivo from the entrance (btw 36.5k park fee) to Canaveral (2k for the ride or a 40-50 minute walk)and then set out walking.

That is the beauty of Tayrona. Outside of Canaveral, the rest of the park is accessible only by foot or horse. There is a boat I hear that goes from Taganga straight to the beach but most people just walk. There are no large resorts, just some beaches with adjoining cabanas, camp grounds, and hammocks, some restaurants, and various drink and snack stands.
We walked about 50 minutes to Arrecifes, where we snagged a hammock for the night (in a mosquito proof gazebo). From there we walked another 20minutes or so to La Piscina, one of the beaches where swimming is allowed. Technically you can swim wherever–Tayrona is nothing but pristine coastline, but the currents are very strong so it is kindly suggested that you not become a statistic.
The next day Roza was a bit under the weather, so I ventured to explore on my own. I did the hike up to Pueblito (2 hour round trip from El Cabo), which was a fun hike but kind of a let down at the end. I loved scaling huge boulders, but having said that…the hike isn’t for everyone. After Pueblito, I chilled out at El Cabo, which might be my favorite beach in Tayrona. It has two crescent shaped parts, a nice mirador for a view from the sea, swim able waters, and anything else you may desire. It’s actually the favorite spot for backpackers in the park.
Back at Arrefices (1 hour from El Cabo), I re-visited what is my favorite highlight of Tayrona (aside from scenery)–the fresh juice stand. You pick a fruit, and 3500cop later you get a delicious and refreshing ice blended bevvy. In two days, I tried the mango, lulo, tomate de arbol, and pineapple. None disappointed.
There are a couple more mini hikes you can do once back at Canaveral, if you have spare time. I did Ruta A, which took 30minutes not the hour that the sign predicted. But maybe with those 30minutes I also had to forego all the personal learning. Oh well.

Off to Lima next, but I do wish I could have spent more time in a hammock, lulled to sleep by the crashing waves!


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